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Aligning vision, value proposition, and customer needs.

Client 4


Interim Head of Marketing and Strategic Consultant

Brought in by an old colleague and friend to stabilise the marketing team, rebuild, coach/develop, establish collaborations with product and sales, and re-engineer how we operate to improve agility in go-to-market and 'always on' campaign performance and impact on pipeline. product marketing, demand gen, pr/media, events

Client 1


Marketing Consultant, Digital Asset and ESG Indexes

digital asset indexes, taxonomy system, secretary DAAG.

Client 7


DAO Contributor - Marketing Adviser

portfolio companies focused on climate and carbon data and research for insto investors.

Client 8


Marketing Advisor, web3 product launch co-founders introduction and advised on web3earner launch - VMO, articulating value prop to stand out and not be me too, pr/media launch tactics.

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