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My Why |  There's a better way.
My How |  It must 'make sense'.
My What |  I contribute to the success of others.

 It is rare to find a marketing leader and 'doer' who can bridge between the new world of digital assets and crypto, traditional finance, and ESG principles. 

I'm setting out to live and lead with purpose by embracing the people, planet, and profit mantra and make a positive impact on economies and societies in the digital era.

As a B2B marketing 'lifer' I lead and scale marketing teams to deliver commercial value.  I work with enterprise fintech, crypto, and financial data companies across the globe to attract, retain and grow customers with a particular interest in purpose-driven and sustainable business growth.



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Start-up and scale-up businesses need to ramp up marketing productivity ahead of sales acceleration, or risk a delay in revenue conversion. I'm inserted into businesses on an interim leadership basis to scale marketing teams that deliver commercial value.



Sometimes extra short-term capacity is needed to launch new products, enter new markets, or disrupt existing markets. I lead businesses through go-to-market (GTM) planning and execution so each campaign can make an immediate impact.

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I believe the application of blockchain technology with a “crypto for good” mindset will spawn initiatives that will have a profound impact on society, the environment, and economies. I'm actively looking for projects in this space to get involved with.

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I am (slowly) getting my blog up as a professional hobby. These are my doodles on various musings, guidance, and commentary on topics related to people, planet, and profit through the lens of a marketing leader in fintech, crypto, and ESG. You are very welcome to discuss and challenge as I'm always a willing learner.